Choose any five of our 14" pizzas from our menu or create your own personalized pizza. Our pizza bar is designed to constantly replenish pizzas as required, ensuring that we minimize food waste. This also guarantees that your guests can relish freshly baked pizzas directly from the oven, without the need to over-order and end up with uneaten pizzas. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable dining experience while maintaining sustainability and minimizing unnecessary food wastage.

Pizza Bar

Have your guest order their own personal 10" pizza straight from the trailer! your guest can choose any of our delicious pizzas from our menu or they can build their own ! this option is great for rehearsal dinners or birthday parties where there isn't a time constraint.

Personal Pizzas

Our late night pizza option is the perfect for guests who have indulged in a little too much alcohol and are in need of some hearty pizza to help them sober up. It is also a great option for those guests who simply get those late-night munchies. Whether you're looking for a classic pepperoni slice or a gourmet combination of toppings, our pizza bar offers a wide variety to satisfy any craving.

Late Night Pizza

people walking on street during night time
people walking on street during night time